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Individual: Web or Mobile System Paper


If you have been editing online texts, then most likely you have encountered Google Docs. Google Docs is a writing platform that uses web 2.0 technologies, meaning it can be used for editing documents and data online. In some English classes, the use of Google Doc has been widely practiced. Even for first timers, Google Docs can be easily use and navigate. The layout and design are simple, easy to understand and easy to follow. Google Docs also comes with buttons that can be used by the editor. There are icons and symbols as well, easy to understand icons and symbols that can be used for posting. You can respond to a document or you can send a response through email without leaving Google Docs, all these options are integrated in the front page. It can also accommodate any type and form of document and it can even open spreadsheets. It can also open presentations depending on the document that you are trying to view and edit. With Google Docs, multiple users can have access to a certain folder but individual access can be given as well to keep others from viewing restricted contents and documents. Folders can be moved from one place to another and folders can be arranged based on date and time.


Editing options for Google Docs are limited to HTML and CSS and these programs can modify existing text and document as needed (Mendelson, 2011). Although modifying or editing a data can be a child’s play, there are formats that can be hard to edit and change. For example, HTML requires changing page numbers and page orientation such as columns, something that new users might find it hard to follow. Google Docs also has the capability to modify drawings and images, it can be aligned, it can be placed on a different location, and it can be transformed and so on. With Google Docs, editing possibilities can be limitless as long as you know what to click on. The only downside of Google Docs is that you can only access it with some browsers.


Once you get into Google Docs, the first thing you will notice is the editing buttons that it has. A bar is presented with different options for changing font, size, and style of font and so on. It is almost the same with the formatting tools present in a Microsoft Word with few tools missing, tools that you actually don’t use that often in MS word. For further needs like crating resumes or letterheads, there is a Google suite that provides templates for such need (Mendelson, 2011).


If Microsoft has excel, Google Docs also have one that will allow users to open excel documents. The capabilities of Google Docs excel is almost the same with Microsoft excel. The layout and options for the sizing and editing are a bit limited in Google Docs but again just like with Microsoft word, all the necessary buttons and tools that are normally used in Microsoft excel are present in Google Docs as well. The most awesome feature of Google Docs for me is its accessibility. It works like cloud computing system where in all data saved in Google Docs are accessible anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity.

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